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HIMMEL Helical worm geared motors and helical worm gear units

Geared motors and gear units as foot, flange, shaft mounted with torque arm and shrink disk.

HIMMEL Helical worm geared motors and helical worm gear units

HIMMEL® – Helical worm geared motor program distinguishes between helical worm gear units with overhung worm shaft, with double-sided worm shaft, with spur gear stage and with according spur gear stage.

The cast iron gear boxes are rugged, vibration reducing and construed for continuous duty. The gear boxes can also be delivered in aluminum. Oil loss or dust intrusion is prevented by radial shaft seals with dust lips. The gear wheels of the helical geared stage are milled and the surface is hardened. The angular gear tooth system of the gear wheels ensures maximum quietness.

Helical worm gear units are inserted when high gear transmission ratio and high efficiency is required.

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 0,09 to 22
Driving torque Nm 25 to 4400
Rotation speed min1/rpm 0,1 to 329
Ratio   4,28 to 14126