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Motox in power break

Unfortunately the Siemens MOTOX-N geared motors are not available at the moment.

Please send us your contact details and we will inform you immediately as soon as MOTOX-N is back in stock:

Are you open to new stuff?

As an alternative for MOTOX-N, we offer the extensive Siemens SIMOGEAR geared motor portfolio. As an engineering specialist, we are happy to take on your retrofit project and design an individual solution for your drive.

More information on SIMOGEAR find here.

Write an email or just call us (+ 49 (40) 23648268-0) and give a few details. Our engineering team chomps at the bit!

MOTOX Helical Worm Geared Motors

The Cost-effective Angular Geared Motor

MOTOX Helical Worm Geared Motors

Helical worm geared motors are the favorably-priced solution for drives with angular geared motors. The efficiency is significantly better than that of pure worm geared motors due to the implementation as helical-worm geared motors. Due to the worm gear stage, high ratios can be implemented within small envelope dimensions. Further, helical worm geared motors represent an extremely quiet drive solution. Helical worm geared motors represent the most cost-effective solution for angular geared motors in the lower torque range.

MOTOX helical worm geared motors are available in the power range up to 11 kW and rated gear unit torques up to 1,590 Nm.

The geared motors are available in the following versions:

  • Foot or flange-mounting versions
  • Version with torque bracket
  • Solid or hollow shaft
  • Hollow shaft with key connection, shrunk-on disk, splines

An Overview of the Technology

Gear unit designation No. of stages Ratio range Max. rated gear unit torque
C28 2 stage 25,28 - 372 118 Nm
C38 2 stage 9,67 - 320,67 243 Nm
C48 2 stage 9,67 - 320,67 387 Nm
C68 2 stage 11,67 - 364 687 Nm
C88 2 stage 11,15 - 440,70 1.590 Nm

Further, double geared motors with 4 and 5 stages are available with gear ratios of i = 324…33,491.

Typical Applications

Helical worm geared motors are, for example, used in wastewater systems and in theaters.